Monday, May 2, 2011

Version Control

When I started my game programmer journey, I was aware of version control as one of many, many subjects I was going to need to devote a lot of study and practice time to. Within a week or two version control had elbowed its way to the front of my "to learn" queue, saying "uh, you want to just play around in your codebase and try random things? Without ME? Have fun reconstructing your project from scratch every time you make a horrible mistake . . that is, every time you fire up your IDE, haw haw"
To my credit I was not ignorant of version control systems. I had used Perforce in a few different studio situations, and felt pretty comfortable pulling files, making branches and then re-integrating them, keeping various versions with different purposes up to date with one another, I felt pretty good about my version control cred.

All that #swag crashed and burned the day I tried git. 
Undaunted, I grabbed svn and TortoiseSVN

OK, I'm still apparently dumb as hell. 

Thankfully, there's Bazaar, which I was able to download and configure. Maybe once I've had a few weeks with it I can upgrade to one of the more powerful version control apps . . . 

So I'm an idiot, so what, Bazaar is awesome, haters gon' hate.

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