Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Screenshot

This is my last working build of Skeleton Wizard, a platformer with a vague "Black Sabbath meets Mario" design philosophy. As you can see I wrote a bunch of variable values to the screen with a spritefont in a "Debugger" class . . probably a dumb way to do it but it allowed me to look at some info fast . . .

I say last working build because I'm currently going back over it and building the display and collision code from scratch. The pictured version treats blocks as objects in an array, and I just draw them and do collision on them using a for loop. This works fine for a line of ten or twelve blocks, but gets unwieldy when trying to do whole levels. I dug into the issue and found a bunch of  "tile engine" type tutorials, some of which I'm still investigating.

There's a row of about ten tiles the player is standing on, those are created with my old 1D array method and they have collision. There's even a nice little thing where if you approach jumping from underneath, your eventual position is determined partly by your jump speed . . one of those things where I was like "OK I don't quite understand why this works but it seems to make a difference". . . All the other tiles visible onscreen were generated by the method found in the tutorials and examples, where you have an external text file containing the level "map" that gets read in, etc. These tiles do not currently have collision, which is why I am starting over! Should have done it the right way the first time. . . 

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