Monday, June 6, 2011


I have put Skeleton Wizard aside for the moment! I know that's a bummer, I feel a dull ache myself every day I'm separated from the Purple Dude. As fate would have it though, my dev energies have been diverted down a different path, just for a short time I promise . . . if I'm able to get a handle on this new thing I may have to port my work so far.

I'm talking about a lua-based game development system called MOAI that I'm trying to learn by creating clones of some simple old games. More on MOAI later, but lua itself is kind of dumbfoundingly cool - while trying to pick up some basic concepts I resorted to just kind of typing in what I basically wanted the program to do, with some loose approximation of the syntax in some example code, and it just works, this is from somebody with less than a year's programming experience and I feel like I can talk to lua like it was my college roommate. Fundamental quality of the language, or just a sign that I'm getting slightly less dumb about code conventions? Little of both?

So I'll be modeling paddles and such for a bit. Been watching some youtubes about classic games from this guy Matt and I'm psyched to make something like the Atari Adventure, just so abstract as to be almost totally incomprehensible . . . I mean, how the hell did anyone ever figure out what was going on in that game?

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